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A Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Pvt. Ltd. is a member-owned financial cooperative that is managed by its members and operates on the tenet of people assisting people. It offers its members competitively priced credit as well as other financial services across a number of different states. Retail and business banking are structured on a cooperative basis and are considered cooperative banking.


The finest software for A Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Pvt. Ltd. to manage their single & multiple branches throughout several states is called “I-Bank 4.0” Web-Based Core Banking System.


Branch to Branch CBS

Because a multi-state cooperative society includes more than two or three working states, branch-to-branch operations are essential. In this situation, "I-Bank 4.0 CBS" is employed extremely effectively, cutting down on employee time and working hours while increasing overall organisation productivity. To deposit this amount, check balances, and transfer funds to other accounts, any customer of CBS can visit any branch. We may construct 899 branches within one Multi-State Credit Cooperative Society Pvt. Ltd. using this software.

Transactions on CBS

We are able to manage 15 various transaction types in "I-Bank 4.0," including voucher, transfer, CBS entry, and RTGS/NEFT. Transactions between branches via CBS are simple and real-time for all branches. Customers of the society can deposit money in any branch of "I-Bank 4.0," view the balances of all their accounts there, and transfer money to other accounts. a loan collection app for agents and a mobile collection device for pigmy. With "I-Bank 4.0," customers have access to online banking through a mobile app and

website.reports CBS

"I-Bank 4.0" comes with the default branch and all standard reports including Cash-book I & II, Day-book 5 Types, Cut-book, Subdaybook, Account Statement, & G/L Statement. However, operators can view transactions from other branches if they have completed CBS transactions. audit reports for things like MIS Reports, Trial Balances, Receipt Payments, Balance Sheets, Profit Losses, GL & Cutbooks, and RTGS/NEFT Transactions. There are more than 250 reports in "I-Bank 4.0" CBS, all of which are also available in CBS format.


"I-Bank 4.0" Numerous utilities are offered by CBS, including SMS (Account Opening & Transaction), Transaction Delete utility for the same day, Transaction Correction, Backdate Transaction entry, Standing Instructions Execution, Stop Transaction, Previous / Current Transaction Voucher printing, Passbook printing, FD / Share certificate printing, Branch / Society year-end Remote Account Opening, and Standing Instructions Execution.

Share Accounts

There are three sorts of shares available in the Share account section: Regular Share, Nominal Share, and Associates Share. Share accounts serve as permanent members of society and are utilised to create directors and guarantee loans. A cooperative society is a financial entity that is owned by its share holders, who also double as the organization's owners and clients.

Deposit Accounts

All forms of deposit accounts (savings, current, fixed deposit FD, recurring deposit RD, pigmy/daily deposit, locker & etc.) can be created & managed in the software's deposit account section. For both creating and modifying deposit accounts, a single form is used. When opening a deposit account, you have the option of adding an agent and director reference.