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What Is Multistate Co-operative Society Software?

The Co-operative Society Software is a Mini-Banking Management Software that manages savings accounts, loans, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, and monthly income schemes. This programme also manages the branch, region, state, members, associates, clients, various modifications, and approvals in addition to the necessary and required analytical data.
Net Banking

Internet banking is the term used to describe financial transactions conducted online. Online banking services are offered by almost all banks. You may control your debit and credit cards, check your account balances, and transfer funds through net banking. It is a time-saving tool that is available 365 days a year. We provide you the top-notch, most convenient net banking services.

Business Reports

A business report is a compilation of data and analyses that makes it simple for a corporation to acquire crucial information. There are many different forms for business reports. In our multistate credit cooperative society software, we give you the precise business reports that will support your future business decisions.

Aadhar Verification

The process known as “Aadhaar Authentication” entails providing a person’s Aadhaar number, along with demographic or biometric information, to UIDAI’s Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) for verification. UIDAI then confirms the accuracy of the provided information—or lack thereof—using the data at its disposal. You will also have access to this capability in our multistate cooperative society, which allows you to quickly authenticate an Aadhar.

Online Transfer

Online money transfers combine the conventional idea of wiring money with cutting-edge electronic funds transfer, or EFT, technology. You probably use EFT frequently, which is a purely electronic way to transfer money from one bank account to another. Only data is transferred; paper money is not. This function of our programme allows you to save a great deal of time and cut down on unnecessary paperwork.

SMS Management

SMS and paging are similar. Contrarily, SMS messages do not rely on the phone being in range or active and will be retained for a period of days. All of the crucial notifications are delivered to you via our SMS management system as brief texts.

E-Mail Management

Email management is a methodical strategy to improve email operations’ efficacy and reduce the potential negative effects that handling emails may have on a person’s performance and sense of job satisfaction.


E-NACH is the abbreviation for Electronic National Automated Clearing House. All subsequent payments won’t require your assistance once you’ve verified the mandate using your Net Banking credentials or a debit card once.


Customers can pay by scanning a QR Code from any UPI-connected mobile app more easily at the place of business thanks to a digital payment acceptance channel called UPI QR (Scan & Pay).


Savings Account

A savings account is the most common type of account chosen when opening a banking relationship. A savings account’s main goal is to encourage prudent money management and the habit of saving a portion of one’s income.

MIS Acounts

The most common word for this computer-based system is MIS, or management information system. The company, in particular the managers, can benefit greatly from MIS in terms of the organisation and evaluation of information and data as well as the timely and efficient distribution of information.

Loan Management

Each stage of the loan lifecycle, from application to closing, is automated with the aid of an electronic platform called a loan management system.

Branch Management

Branch managers oversee the daily operations of a bank or other financial institution’s branch. We offer you all branch management-related services.

Share Holding

Any person, organisation, or company that holds stock in a certain company is regarded as a shareholder. A shareholder must own at least one share of the company’s stock or mutual fund to be regarded as a partial owner.

Agent Management

Use the Agent Management Services to monitor the availability of the agents and initiate automatic action. if a representative gets sick or leaves suddenly.

Customer Management

The practise of controlling how a company’s clients, staff, and other stakeholders interact through time is known as customer management. It’s crucial for firms to match their consumer attitude if they want to succeed in the long run.

Loan Against Deposit

Customers can take out a loan against their fixed deposit, which is a form of secured loan, using their fixed deposit as collateral. The amount of the loan is based on the amount of the FD deposit. This could be between 90% and 95% of the original deposit.

Accounting Management

Financial accounting is the process of gathering information and reporting it to the many stakeholders of a business. Management accounting, on the other hand, displays financial information and business activities for internal management of the company.

CSP ( Customer Service Point )

Any company that the customer contracts to handle services associated with any System component is considered a Customer Service Provider. We pledge to give you the finest customer service possible.

Membership Management

To consolidate administrative and communication activities, membership groups can employ software made for them.

RD, FD And Pigmy Account

We truly think that minuscule droplets of water add up to a big ocean for our Daily Deposit (Pigmy) service. This deposit plan can be advantageous to businesspeople, professionals, wage workers, teachers, salaried employees, traders, housewives, etc.

HR Management

Human resource management, or HRM, is the area of a commercial business that deals with employing, managing, and terminating employees. How employees contribute to the operation of the business is highly valued by HRM.

Amin Panel

A popular admin dashboard design that may be used for financial, reporting, CRM, or any company is the Bank Financial Dashboard UI Kit. It has a wonderful layout design and concentrated UI elements.

POS Machine

A POS machine is the most advanced payment processing equipment. It accepts all significant credit and debit cards, keeps track of transactions, and prints receipts. The point-of-sale systems have advanced over time and are now more sophisticated and user-friendly.

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Ans. A multi-state cooperative society is any organisation created with the goal of improving the social and economic well-being of its members through self-help groups and mutual assistance, and whose objectives are not limited to just one state.

  • Credit Co-operative Societies.
  • Housing Co-operative Society.
  • Farming- Cooperative Society.
  • Dairy Firm Multi-State Cooperative Society.
  • Solar Credit Cooperative Society.
  • Multi State Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society.
  • Transport Cooperative Society.

Ans. : You can do all finance-related tasks in a credit cooperative organisation, which also has the ability to take member deposits and lend to members at a set interest rate.

Ans. A housing cooperative society, a limited company, or any other incorporated body or association may be formed, promoted, and registered. The company’s cash might be used to cover the costs associated with the creation and promotion of these societies or body corporates.

Ans. After submitting the necessary paperwork to the ministry, it typically takes 5–6 months to register a cooperative society, but in exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to do so sooner if all the necessary paperwork is on hand sooner.

Ans. Forms 1 and 2 must be submitted in order to register a cooperative society. At least 50 members from two separate states must sign and provide inform 1 information. There can be more than two states, but adding more states would necessitate adding more members. Each member’s name and signature are required on Form 2.

Ans: The Multi-State Cooperative Society is registered in accordance with the norms and guidelines of the Multi-State Cooperative Society. It is a totally democratic organisation run by a BOD elected by members at an annual general meeting, not a private institution owned by a single person. Finance Company, on the other hand, is owned by an Individual.

Ans.One fifth of the total number of ordinary members of a cooperative society constitutes the quorum for any sort of general meeting. And out of this 1/5th, at least 1/2 should vote in favour of a resolution that is adopted.

Ans. The central government has the authority to resolve issues with Nidhi Companies. If two years have passed from the date of the order, no amendments may be made.

Ans. No portion of the money, other than the society’s net profit, may be distributed to its members in the form of a bonus, dividend, or in any other manner.

Ans. A multi-state cooperative society is not permitted to grant loans to its members in exchange for stock or the security of other parties. However, a Multi-State Cooperative Society may lend money to a depositor using that deposit as collateral.

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